Kaiju Hunter

February 2022

Kaiju Hunter is a short monster hunting platformer, where the player must defeat three massive monsters to progress.

Submitted to the Kaiju Jam - 7th place

Off The Rails

January 2022

Off The Rails is an endless arcade train shooter. Drive through the wasteland fighting enemies and collecting parts to grow your train and become more powerful.

Submitted to the 9th Bored Pixels Jam - 8th place

Teammates: Nicholas Junkas, Seth Weeks, Querpp


December 2021

SunRoot is an action exploration game in which the player assumes control of a light mage named Willow, who must find the next settlement spot for their underground civilization.

Fall 2021 semester project

Teammates: Casey Vandehey, Jacob Crowell, Nicholas Junkas

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October 2021

Nonplace is a slow paced survival horror game where the player must locate keys to escape a dark and confusing nightmare world. All while staying in the safety of the light.

Submitted to the 5th Ninja Game Jam

Audio by: Querpp

Nightmare Arts

September 2021

Nightmare Arts is an endless bullet hell where the player is equipped with a magic paint brush that they must use to slay hoards of demons.

Showcased at IndieCade

Audio by: Querpp


September 2021

Beyond is a platformer where the player needs to shift the world around them to progress through levels.

Submitted to the 4th Ninja Game Jam - 1st place

Showcased at IndieCade

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May 2021

Turn-It is a platformer built around rotation.

Submitted to the 2nd Ninja Game Jam - 3rd place

Shuffle Dungeon

April 2021

Shuffle dungeon is a two player dungeon crawling card game made both as my spring 2021 semester project and as my team's entrance to the 9-CARD NANOGAME contest hosted by Board Game Geek. I worked on the art, design, assembly of the game and the management of the tabletopia and contest entry pages

Teammates: James Difiglio, Samuel Dwyer, Lucas Johnson, Nicholas Junkas

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December 2020

ManaBreak is a 2D action platformer inspired by classic games like megaman. The game feature a mechanic called "ManaBreak" where if the player was out of mana they could dip into their health pool to cast spells.

Fall 2020 Semester Project


July 2020

Monster is a simple text adventure game that I did the artwork for.

Submitted to the summer 2020 Two Minute Horror Game Jam.

Teammates: OMGALLCAPS, Grip

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The Fog

July 2020

The Fog is a 3D horror game where the player explores a maze as a mysterious fog slowly grows to ultimately engulf the player.

Submitted to the summer 2020 Two Minute Horror Game Jam.