Unity Tools Programming

Unity Mesh Simplified Collision Mesh Generator

This is a tool I made to generate more efficient mesh colliders for multi object environment pieces assembled with a modkit. It works by finding the bounds of the individual meshes and generating cubes from that, and then it assembles all of these cubes into a single mesh collider. This generator was built to solve a lot of collision and clipping issues caused by the over complexity of the colliders generated through unity.

Pre-Simplified Collider

Simplified Collider

Nightmare Arts Design Tools

Using Unity's editor and property drawer tools I have created tools to expedited programming for nightmare arts for myself and other team members.

Enemy Behavior Designer

In editor way to program enemy behaviors without creating entirely new classes. Works off a scheduled list of actions separated by wait functions.

Aseprite Plugins

3D Viewer - Aseprite, Lua

Plugin that reads mesh data from OBJ files and renders them into wireframe models using a weak perspective projection method.

Status: In Development

1. Gathers the vertex data from the OBJ file and stores their positions as "Vert" classes

2. Gathers the line data and create "Line" classes that reference the created Vertices

3. Assembles the Lines and Vertices into a "Shape"

4. Renders each Line and Vertice of the Shape onto the screen using a weak perspective projection method
5. Rotate the object by applying a rotation to the position of each of the vertices

6. Add a new frame and rerender the image

This project was mostly a proof of concept (as I watched a few videos on people doing the same in minecraft and desmos and got inspired) so the render times are decently long, especially for more complex models.

Mass Image Editor - Aseprite, Lua

Plugin for aseprite that will apply uniform transforms to all image files within a specified folder.

Made for a class to assist in editing files for machine training. All files had to be uniform resolution with variants such as rotations or mirrors.